At Tharoor Associates, we work in creative partnership with leaders in companies, government bodies and non-profit organisations to help them build and lead high-performing teams.

We specialise in providing tailored leadership, management and personal development training solutions based on the unconscious bias.

What sets us apart is our unique approach based on NLP, the Unconscious Bias and the power of one’s narrative. The stories in us define us and impact on anything we do.

The 21st century leader must be able to articulate and connect narratives to open communication channels and create empathy within the work place.

What we can help you achieve:

  • Widen your talent pool for recruitment and succession
  • Improve and enhance leadership skills
  • Improve staff retention and reduce recruitment costs
  • Better reflect (and understand) your customer base
  • Strengthen internal teams through diversifying the skill base
  • Positively impact on staff morale and loyalty
  • Have a more diverse and inclusive culture
  • Enhance your corporate social responsibility credentials
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Our popular programmes are:

  • Are you Conscious of your Unconscious Bias
  • Women’s Empowerment and the Unconscious Bias
  • Emotional Resilience – Transforming Leadership into Results
  • Creative Thinking and Innovation
  • Managing Change and our Unconscious Bias

We also offer variety in the form of:

  • A portfolio of 12 bite-sized workshops (90 minutes)
  • A choice of 4 keynote motivational talks (one hour)
  • A choice of one, two, or three hour 1-to-1 face-to-face or online coaching sessions
  • A 10 modular ILM recognised leadership programme

Our services

Our Approach

What sets us apart is our unique approach based on NLP, the Unconscious Bias and the power of one’s narrative.

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Corporate clients value the confidentiality and freedom – and the challenge of an external viewpoint that is provided by an independent coaching partnership.

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Organisational Development

Do you have the committed workforce you need to deliver your strategic ambitions?

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how can we help you?

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“That discrimination is subtle and that it is easy to have preconceived ideas without realising the consequences.”

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