Our Approach

Our workshops aim to equip participants with innovative and results-focused tools to enhance communication, develop undersatanding and create links that will sustain globally effective organisations.

  •  All workshops are bespoke
  •  Participants are encouraged to guide and focus the learning on a personal level.

Our USP is that we create a culture that facilitates personal change and help people understand how their roles and processes affect others inside and outside the organisation.

All our programmes are fast-paced and highly interactive, offering an engaging blend of activities, discussion and group work alongside the subtle use of multimedia to stimulate thinking and develop capability.

We use a robust evaluation system to measure the performance of the delegates before, during and after the training. Before the course, each delegate is sent a programme-specific questionnaire to assess their existing knowledge, skills and experience. During the delivery of the programme participants record key learning points in their Personal Development Plan. At the end of the programme each delegate assesses their learning and draws up an action plan. After two, six and 12 months the delegates are contacted again and asked to rate their knowledge of the key learning points and describe how their behaviour has changed.

Tharoor Associates | Workshop
Tharoor Associates | Workshop
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“That discrimination is subtle and that it is easy to have preconceived ideas without realising the consequences.”

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