Organisational Development

Do you have the committed workforce you need to deliver your strategic ambitions? Organisational Development (OD) focuses on making sure that an organisation has the right ‘fit for the future’ workforce to achieve its strategic ambitions. Organisational development programmes help an organisation to:

  • Change behavioural norms and cultural attitudes
  • Facilitate change management, building employees’ support for new structures
  • Create new ways of working to achieve the organisation’s objectives

In partnership with E2E People Practices we offer culture assessments and audits through our tool ‘ e2e Pulse’. It is a comprehensive tool which in simple terms tells you what is working and what isn’t through cultural entropy. It helps build an inclusive road map for accelerating high performance with insights (Millennial Performance V/S Average Performance) into key business factors. It provides a collaborative framework that aids business leaders to take informed decisions.

Tharoor Associates has completed OD projects with small to medium companies in their fledgling state.We work with the idea of Whole Systems Transformation and the four areas we work with are Culture, Structure, Practice & Review. This is all underpinned by our Unconscious Bias & Emotional Intelligence on behavioural and cultural change. This has included working with the staff to explain the rationale for the organisational development interventions. We have coached managers and stakeholders to assess the capability & capacity of the team. We have designed and implemented a cultural change plan and supported the leaders in developing and applying OD diagnostic tools and interventions.

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