Two Frogs in a Well

Once upon a time two frogs got stuck at the bottom of the well. The sides of the well were very steep and the frogs could not get out so they started to shout for help. Hearing their cries for help very soon all the frogs of the forest had crowded around the top of the well. But no one could figure out a way to help the two that were at the bottom. So the frogs at the top started to shout down to them and say ‘it’s no use, you can’t get out of there. There’s no way up from where you are. You may as well give up and die now rather than suffering a long slow death’. One of the frogs at the bottom heard what they were saying and completely disheartened he died. The other frog however was hard of hearing and he thought they were cheering him on and so, with the help of all that encouragement, he managed to struggle his way out of there.

two frogs myth and management

Self-management Competency is crucial to being emotionally intelligent. We are the masters of our own destiny but we often shoot ourselves in the foot.

Self Confidence: Faith in one’s own ideas and capability to be successful; willingness to take an independent position in the face of opposition.

  • Is confident of own ability to accomplish goals.
  • Presents self crisply and impressively.
  • Is willing to speak up to the right person or group at the right time, when he/she disagrees with a decision or strategy.
  • Approaches challenging tasks with a “can-do” attitude.

Stress Management: The ability to keep functioning effectively when under pressure and maintain self control in the face of hostility or provocation.

  • Remains calm under stress.
  • Can effectively handle several problems or tasks at once.
  • Controls his/her response when criticized, attacked or provoked.
  • Maintains a sense of humor under difficult circumstances.
  • Manages own behavior to prevent or reduce feelings of stress.
As Henry Ford said, ‘if you think you can or you think you cannot – you are absolutely right!’
It doesn’t matter what you see, it doesn’t matter what you hear – your mind tells you what is true for you. If you want to change your behaviour you have to begin with changing your beliefs. 
Looking for the positive rather than the negative in everything around us is an automatic decision. Logic cannot make this decision. We live with both sides of our personalities every day. The negative alternative is easy. You have to make an effort to choose the positive. It’s up to you.

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  • s.vigneswaran

    The story was really good .
    How i take this story is
    Do not get panic at any sitution in our life
    Be cool and keep moving forward

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