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We are fortunate to work with a large number of clients both large and small and in the public, private and third sectors, in the UK and India. All of them share our commitment to high quality professional training.

When you work with us for the first time, we will be happy to put you in touch with some of our existing clients so that you can be confident that we will deliver the service you expect.

Customer Feedback

“As committee Chair, I worked closely with Smita, as a fellow member of Mayday’s Equality & Diversity Committee. During this time, the committee benefited from Smita’s professional approach, focus and considerable experience in Learning & Development, resulting in a significant increase in the profile of Equality & Diversity issues across the Trust. I can whole-heartedly endorse her to any organisation seeking an experienced and dedicated consultant in the area of Learning and Development.”
—- Jeevan Gunaratnam Non Executive Director, Mayday Healthcare NHS Trust

“Smita is an excellent communicator very experienced at presenting and consistently promotes equality and diversity in all aspects of her work. It was a pleasure to work with her.”
—- Janet Clark Head of Strategy, Mayday Healthcare NHS Trust

“Smita volunteered to join the campaign team when I was campaigning for the Thiruvananthapuram elections in April 2009. She proved to be organised and focused. She was able to prioritise her tasks amongst a multitude of things that needed to be done and despite the high pressure at the time, was calm, positive, energetic and fun.”
—- Dr.Shashi Tharoor, Member of Parliament(Lok Sabha), Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India

“I believe Smita to be unique in that she is able to maintain a blend of knowledge, insight, challenge and persistence whilst remaining emotionally available and easy to engage. It was a pleasure to work with her and I hope to have the opportunity to do so again.”
—- Russell D’Avilar, Coach / Trainer, RDNLP

“Smita is a person who leads by example. She is extremely meticulous and very focused on results. A committed team player, it is always a pleasure to work with someone like her. Her expertise in OD is commendable.”
—- Yeshasvini R, Managing Director, e2e People Practices Pvt. Ltd

“We commissioned Smita to develop and run a developmental course for the managers in our department. Smita quickly understood our requirements and more than met the objectives. The delegates found the course enjoyable and inspiring, and identified follow-up actions to take back into the workplace. The success is due to the way Smita engages so well with people, her knowledge and ability to deliver a meaningful course.”
—- David Green, Director of IM&TSW London & St George’s Mental Health NHS Trust

“Smita is extremely professional, self motivated, determined very capable and hard working. Her training and interpersonal skills are commendable and she will be an asset to any Company that partners her.”

—- Payal Nayar, Director Voices & More and Dragonfly Productions

“I found Smita gave some good clear ideas to deal with stress/pressure.Very enjoyable course. Gave lots to think about.”
—- Debbie Marshall, Canadian High Commission

“I learnt a lot from your diversity training. I thought I was diverse already until I attended your class.It made me realise that things that are said in jest can result in someone being hurt. So it is best to think things through before saying them.”

—- Brenda Patterson Software Developer,UBM

“It was really great to be part of your audience the other evening at the British Museum. More please! ”
—- Joss Graham, Joss Graham Gallery, Victoria

“Your performance was fantastic and so evocative. The setting and your musicians enhanced the mood and made the whole narration magical. You deserve wide recognition.”
—- Rajiv Anand, MuseumConsultant, JAINpedia

“Thank you so much for all your efforts and preparation for our Majestic Maharajas Festival on 1 November. Your storytelling was an absolute hit. In fact in several of the evaluations, families mentioned that this was their favourite activity.”
—- Project Manager, Victoria & Albert Muesum

“We loved having you at LCC and you were a huge hit -We had marvellous feedback from the students. You have enriched the project enormously.”
—- Sarah Temple, Course Director: Diploma in Professional Studies, Personal & Professional Development. The London College of Communication

“Thank you for making the discussion at Deutsche Bank such an interesting experience. The feedback from participants and the DB management was that this event was rather more stimulating than some other diversity discussions they have had. Your presentation was full of fascinating insights and opened up a very good range of the issues.”
—- Simon Keyes. Director, St Ethelburga’s Centre for Reconciliation and Pea

“Two things impressed me particularly about  Judith.  The professionalism of the whole approach and the rigour with which both the preparation and the practice was carried out.  This enabled the client to focus on and to clarify what his needs really are and to sort out what was key material from what emerged as chatter.”

  —-Individual coaching client

“Cly is one of the most experienced and talented external affairs professionals that has been associated with our company in recent years. Her engaging personality, unique insight and in-depth knowledge of our business have proved important assets in gathering the information and performing the analysis contained in this report She will remain an important contact and adviser for us.”

  —- Coca Cola ( Europe)

“A fantastic and insightful session – extremely worthwhile.” Niamh Corbett, Morgan Stanley

On anonymous evaluation forms from participants

  • “Very good. Normally you sit in training looking at endless power-point slides. This training was very much interactive & exciting. Smita was very knowledgeable. Thank you.”
  • “A good professionally run course”
  • “Very good session. Broadened knowledge on my own religion.”
  • “I have really enjoyed this study day. May I say one of the best. I intend to use this knowledge at my work place. Thank you, Smita.”
  • “Very thought provoking, good presentation and empowering discussions.”
  • “Very informative – raised awareness of self and how to effectively lead and manage a team.”
  • “A good eye opener – very interesting.”
  • “The session is very good. I gained lots of ideas- i.e. to look into myself.”
  • “Smita was very professional, clear- voiced, informative, interested.”
  • “Thank you for an excellent session, Seema. It has inspired me to read more on the subject!.”
  • “Very interesting subject- well presented and good debate by all staff attending.”
  • “A very interesting morning. A very good approach to a sensitive subject.”
  • “Very good session. Open, frank and honest.”
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“That discrimination is subtle and that it is easy to have preconceived ideas without realising the consequences.”

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